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Please review these 4 simple steps below and follow the troubleshooting tips that apply to your situation before submitting a warranty claim.

  1. Power source issues frequently are the cause of non-performance.
    Please check your surge protector at two or more different power sources or pedestals to confirm power is being supplied.

  2. If you are located at a campsite...
    please contact the park manager to verify there is correct power at the pedestal.

  3. If you are parked at a residence...
    you may need to contact an electrician to confirm power source service. 15 amp service will provide very limited power, a  stronger power source is recommended for adequate power and appliance operation and protection within your RV

  4. Confirm that the surge protection unit is connected directly to the power source...
    not through a non- RV approved adapter or extension cord.

Plugging In...

Damage NOT COVERED Under Our Lifetime Warranty Policy

A poor SSP connection may continue to transfer power through, resulting in ongoing heat damage.  

A poor connection forces the voltage to arc creating extreme heat which can result in extreme melting.

1. Pigtail showing excessive heat/melting damage (see image 8)

2. Front receptacle showing excessive heat/melting damage (see image 6)

3. Plug/blades showing pitting and/or excessive heat/melting damage (see images 3, 4 & 5)

4. Damage caused by the external plug or cord (see image 7)

Damage not covered under our warranty include:

A poor connection is typically due to old, dirty or poorly maintained plugs, adapters and/or prongs/blades. Before plugging in ensure your plug is clean and there is no pitting and/or discoloration on the pin/prong or blades. This will help safeguard the connection.

You can always give the prong/blades a gentle clean with an emery cloth.

Error Code Troubleshooting:

If this is a new unit and/or a new installation and you receive any of the errors below, please contact Progressive Industries Technical Support before filling out the warranty form or returning the product to the original point of purchase.  If this is not a new unit or new installation and you are receiving an error code, please reference the information below before contacting Progressive Industries Technical Support.

Generators & Neutral Ground Connection:

If you have a Progressive industries EMS (electrical management system) surge protector installed, we recommend using a bonded neutral generator. If your generator is not neutral grounded you can find articles on multiple sites detailing ways to properly bond a generator.

NOTE: We no longer offer a generator plug to resolve this issue.

Low Voltage:

When connecting a 30A or 50A RV to household outlets, power may cut in and out while displaying an E0 error code.  The issue is that the household outlets are rated for 15A, so they do not consistently supply over 104V in certain circumstances, leading to a shutoff condition on our EMS units.  The larger the electrical load in the RV, the more the voltage will drop.  When the load is removed the voltage increases to over 104V and the EMS unit connects and the cycles start over.


Below is little more information regarding volts, watts and amperages for your reference.


Your coach and its appliances use power (Watts) to perform work. The formula for Power is Volts (V) x Amps (A) = Watts (W).




120V x 100A = 12,000 watts (Since a 50A coach has two 120 v lines, that equals 12000 watts or 12 KW [Kilowatts])



120V x 30A = 3,600 watts (3.6 KW)


120V x 15A = 1,800 watts (1.8 KW or 15% of the coach's consumption or 1.8 KW)


To help you protect you, your RV and your portable unit we recommend you take preventative measures before connecting your portable unit to the pedestal and/or electrical power. Always ensure the blades on the pigtail are not discolored, do not have any pitting, are not dirty and are free from moisture. In the event you see these indications, take a moment to clean the blades. Also make sure you always have a good snug connection that is cool to the touch.  You can always give the blades a gentle clean with an emery cloth.


Adapters can be used with surge protectors without any impact on the surge protection functionality.  If using an adapter from a 30A power source to a 50A surge protector, please note that only your 120V devices will function while plugged into the power source.  If using an adapter from a 30A power source to a 50A EMS surge protector, please note that your two line readings for voltage will be also be identical.


Apply for Warranty Service

For Portable Units:

  • Review troubleshooting guidelines located above

  • Locate copy of Proof of Purchase for submission
  • Must include pictures of the following:

    1.       The male plug on the portable unit

2.       The female receptacle on the portable unit

For Hard Wired Units:

  • Locate copy of Proof of Purchase for submission

  • Take photo of the inside of unit.
    (please ensure power is disconnected before opening the hardwired unit for photo)

  • Complete warranty claim form.

  • Progressive Industries will only send replacement parts directly to a qualified RV dealer for installation. The warranty does not cover labor costs associated with repairs or replacement units.

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