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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our Lifetime Warranty covers only Progressive Industries’ workmanship, internal electronics and parts & materials contained within the unit housing. Any and all damage to the outside of the unit is not covered. External damage is typically associated with a poor connection between your RV or our EMS/SSP units and a power cord. The Lifetime Warranty does not cover labor or shipping charges.


Our Lifetime Warranty is exclusive to Progressive Industries and is granted in lieu of all other express or
implied warranties, obligations or liabilities.



This is a non-transferable Lifetime Warranty. It applies only to the original owner and covers only those products purchased from an authorized dealer, retailer, or seller. This warranty covers manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship. A proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.

The follow are excluded and not covered by the Lifetime Warranty and/or void the Lifetime Warranty:

  • Improper installation of a hard wired unit. We strongly recommend that a competent electrical
    professional perform the installation of hard wired units.

  • Products installed or used in an application other than an RV

  • Products operated outside systems compatible and compliant with RV surge protectors

  • Products used in a manner inconsistent with the operating instructions

  • Use of replacement parts or accessories that are non-compliant with Progressive Industries

  • Damage to the surge protection unit, such as burnt, charred or melted components resulting from
    products connected to poorly maintained power sources, power cords or adapters

  • Improper use including, but not limited to failure to disconnect upon departure from power source

  • Failure to ensure electrical plugs and receptacles are clean and all connections maintain a snug
    fit when plugged in

  • Failure to provide continuous maintenance in accordance with the maintenance instructions
    provided by Progressive Industries

  • Any unauthorized modifications or repairs

  • Maintenance of hard wired units performed by anyone other than a qualified RV dealer

  • All acts of God and/or natural disasters including, but not limited to lightning damage, hurricanes,
    floods and earthquakes

How to apply for warranty service on hard wired units:

How to apply for warranty service on portable units:

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