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Introducing our newest Portable Surge Protector

The EMS-PT30X & PT50X are the newest in our line of Portable Surge Protectors. We listened to what our customers had to say and made some impressive new improvements to the design and function of our most popular Portable EMS Surge Protector.

Same great compact and easy to use plug-and-play application but now the EMS-PTX's come with an All Weather Shield AssemblyRugged Pull Handle, Improved Secure Locking BracketBuilt-in Scrolling Digital Display and a Tough Lexan Housing.

You can feel secure in knowing the computer is driven by state-of-the-art microprocessors. Designed for recreational vehicle use only.

Take a look at the new PTX's


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A poor connection can cause serious damage. Another problem we often see is a loose, sloppy fit. It is imperative the plug maintain a snug fit when plugged. You may be tempted to wiggle the plug loose when disconnecting but over time this will compromise the connection making your unit susceptible to heat damage.
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