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Technical Data

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A few things you should know before using our
Portable Surge Protectors

Use device in upright position ONLY!

Do not use device  while it is laying on the ground.

Product Features - Detailed Definitions

High/Low Voltage Protection:
Whenever A/C power falls below 104 volts, or rises above 132 volts, the EMS automatically shuts down power to the RV. The EMS will monitor the power and once the AC power rises above 104 volts, or below the 132 volt level, the time delay indicator flashes for the present time and then automatically restores power to the RV.


Time Delay for A/C Compressor:

If the AC power is interrupted, or the EMS detects a fault condition, the built-in time delay of 136-seconds (02:16) is activated.


5-Mode Surge Protection (PT50C model):

This feature provides full surge protection L-N, L-N, L-G, L-L and N-G or L1-N, L2-N, L-G, L-L and N-G. Total Joule rating is 3,580, 88,00A surge current. Response time of <1 Nano second.


3-Mode Surge Protection (PT30C model):

This feature provides full surge protection L-N, L-G and N-G. Total Joule rating is 1,790, 44,00A surge current. Response time of <1 Nano second.

Surge Indicator:

In the event of a power surge, and the surge protector circuit is damaged within the EMS, L-N or L-G, the digital display error code will read E-10. This indicates the EMS needs to be serviced.


Reverse Polarity Protection:

If AC power is a reverse polarity condition, the EMS will not allow power to the RV and the error code will read E-1.


Open Neutral Protection:

If AC power has an open neutral condition, the display will not light, and the EMS will not allow power to the RV.


Open Ground Protection:

If AC power has an open ground condition, the EMS will read an error code of E-2 and power will not be allowed to the RV.


AC Frequency Protection:

If AC power frequency deviates +/- 9 hertz from 60 cycles per second, the EMS will shut down power. An error code of E-7 will be displayed when the frequency is high; and an error code will be displayed with the frequency is low.


Accidental 240V Protection:

If 240 volts is detected when plugging in AC power, the EMS will NOT allow power to the RV. If this condition occurs while power is applied to the RV, the EMS shuts off power instantly. This display will read the voltage and E-3 or E-5 for the error as appropriate for specific units. (NEVER BYPASS THE EMS WHEN THIS OCCURS.)



Continuously scrolls all the AC power information, including voltage, current, frequency, error codes and previous errors. Each reading is displayed for two (2) seconds.


Previous Error Code:

This feature tells the user what the previous error was and why power was interrupted to the RV. To read a previous error code, put a "P" in front of the "E" code. This is only displayed is an actual error occurs. The error is deleted when power is disconnected from the EMS.


Weather Resistant:

Unit can be exposed to the elements, however, may not be submerged.


Microprocessor Controlled:

The computer is driven by a state-of-the-art microprocessor that is programmed with software to drive the entire EMS.


Built-In Locking Bracket:

Allows the user to secure the EMS to power source to prevent theft.


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